Hlinkstech Based on traditional coverage and transmission services, provide operators with panoramic wireless optimized coverage solutions, wireless network quality improvement solutions, antenna feeder system solutions, satellite emergency communication system solutions, microwave transmission solutions and application business solutions, and provide comprehensive coverage, optimization and engineering integration services for wireless networks; In the field of lightning protection, xiongmai technology has developed a unique new lightning protection and grounding technology solution, breaking the traditional lightning protection and grounding technology solution, which can be applicable to the lightning protection and grounding needs of various types of base stations of operators, and greatly improving the lightning protection level of base stations. It has the social benefits of simplicity, high efficiency, economy and environmental protection.
Hlinkstech is committed to the innovative development in the field of wireless communication and launched a new overall wireless access solution, which can meet the wireless access needs of enterprises, families and other different scenarios. At the same time, it integrates WLAN to realize high traffic, low-cost and rapid network construction, which is strongly complementary to traditional macro base station, BBU + RRU and other solutions, enriching and perfecting the operator coverage access solutions.

  • Lightning protection and grounding system solution

    Acer lightning protection and grounding solution
    Lightning protection and grounding solution for micro base station
    Lightning protection and grounding solution for standardized cabinet
    Lightning protection and grounding solution for RRU
    Lightning protection and grounding solution for communication building

    Access solution

  • Small cell home integrated service access scheme
    Small cell public area deep coverage scheme
    Small cell new indoor coverage solution
    WLAN broadband access solution

  • Antenna feeder system solution

    TD / LTE base station tower top solution
    Solution of multi frequency common antenna feeder system
    Solutions for jointly building and sharing antenna feeder platform
    Multi system integrated road platform POI solution
    Covert antenna integrated solution

  • Wireless network improvement scheme

    Special quality improvement scheme for indoor distribution
    Inter regulation and stray rectification scheme of antenna feeder subsystem
    Treatment scheme for excessive bottom noise of wireless network cable
    Special rectification plan for poor quality of high-rise buildings

  • Panoramic wireless optimized coverage solution    

  • Indoor  distribution, residential areas, campuses, commercial areas, large  venues, industrial parks, urban villages, scenic spots, subways,  factories and mines, expressways, high-speed railways, village to  village access, roads and sea areas

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