China Telecom joins hands with Huawei to accelerate the innovation practice of 5g customized network

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On November 7, 2020, Li Zhengmao, general manager of China Telecom Group, officially announced that China Telecom 5g SA took the lead in large-scale commercial use in the world at the theme forum of 2020 Tianyi intelligent ecological Expo (Guangzhou), and China Telecom 5g customized network was newly released.

China Telecom 5g customized network has the four characteristics of "network customization, edge intelligence, cloud collaboration and X (application) on demand", and provides three modes of "Zhiyuan, next door and Ruyi". Based on the cloud to digital transformation strategy, China Telecom gives full play to its comprehensive capabilities in 5g SA network, edge computing, AI, Tianyi cloud and other fields, and closely combines the digital needs of the industry, Provide industry users with 5g industry-leading comprehensive solutions integrating cloud end and edge use and customized on demand.

Since 2019, China Telecom and Huawei have jointly planned 5g customized network related product technologies and actively explored innovation. Through joint in-depth analysis of typical industry needs and application scenarios, China Telecom has continued to pilot, verify and optimize based on the practice of innovation projects. The three modes of "Ruyi, Bilin and Zhiyuan" launched by China Telecom this time provide an end-to-end and serialization scheme for the application of 5g customized network in the industry.

Based on edge computing, combined with innovative wireless enhancement technologies such as super uplink, the "neighbor mode" 5g customized network provides industry customers with low delay and localized cloud edge collaboration services. In Midea 5g smart factory project, China Telecom and Huawei focused on the requirements of 11 5g application scenarios of Midea Group, and used edge MEC, super uplink and other technologies integrating cloud edge to effectively reduce network delay, improve bandwidth and reliability, and support the rapid implementation of innovative applications such as machine vision, forklift scheduling and cloud PLC. The success of Midea project has fully verified the advantages and capabilities of the "adjacent mode" customized network, and has played a benchmarking role in the application and promotion of customized network in manufacturing, medical treatment, parks and other industries.

"Zhiyuan mode" is a cloud network integration service based on slicing technology to provide priority resource scheduling and SLA guarantee for customers with wide area access. The Shenzhen smart policing project jointly built by China Telecom and Huawei has fully verified the advantages of the "Zhiyuan model" customized network. The wide area slicing technology realizes the physical isolation between public services and police services, avoids other services from seizing the network bandwidth of police services, solves the impact of sudden traffic on police services, and meets the demands of police services for data security and priority protection. It provides high assurance 5g customized network services for 5g intelligent three-dimensional patrol and police applications such as automatic air cruise of police UAV, patrol of police motorcycle along the road, and individual intelligent law enforcement.

"The success of Shenzhen police slicing project provides a benchmark demonstration for 5g industry applications with wide area access and SLA support requirements, such as media live broadcast, enterprise office, mobile video return, etc.

Ke Ruiwen, chairman of China Telecom group, said, "5G is good or not, the user has the final say". , the release of China Telecom 5g customized network provides strong support for industry customers to better apply 5g network. Huawei will continue to give full support to China Telecom and work with industry partners to support digital transformation, upgrading and innovation in all walks of life based on 5g, Tianyi cloud and other ICT technologies and platforms, so as to build a 5g customized network most recognized by industry customers.

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