Shopping Process

1.Select the desired product.

2.Select the Region, Specification (if applicable), and quantity for each product, and click buy or add to cart.

3.verify the order information(product type, specification,region,quantity), and input your shipping information.

4.Select one of the Delivery Options(Hilinks Arrange Logistics Totally or Special Arrangement Of The Logistics).

5.After submitting the order, the order has been sent to the seller for stock confirmation. If it is approved, the buyer will be notified by email. After receiving the approved information, you can return to the order center to confirm the order price.

6.if you agree with the quote, make the payment to the seller's corresponding collection account,make a record the payment information,return to the order center, upload the payment voucher, and wait for the seller to deliver the goods.

 7.You can view the logistics information in your order center, receive the goods, click confirm receipt, and the order shopping process is completed.

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